Re-engineering and Obsolescence

Martech can redesign or reverse engineer mechanical and electronic technologies in support of through-life and obsolescence management to keep your products and systems operating when original components are no longer available. Our services include complete redesign from scratch, sub-system or component redesign, re-creation of drawings and documents from ‘as-made’ items and manufacture from old or limited documentation.
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Examples include:

  • Form fit, function replacement for the legacy ship’s telegraph aboard HMS Ocean with a fully integrated digital solution, increasing functionality while retaining a recognisable, authentic look, manufactured and delivered to the original equipment supplier.
  • Manufacture of multiple control and instrumentation systems used in the nuclear power industry as part of a life-extension initiative, including sub-system redesign to overcome component obsolescence.
  • Re-engineering of an old ISA bus board to work with PCIe interface for a military air traffic control application.

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