Bespoke Test Equipment

By designing and building turnkey electronic, hardware and mechanical solutions for all manner of automated test equipment (ATE) for production line, prototype and field test solutions used by commercial and military clients working in aerospace, automotive, maritime and subsea, oil and gas, nuclear and manufacturing industries, Martech has established a wide range of knowledge of custom test solutions.

This experience and expertise in applied research and problem solving engineering allows Martech to design and develop bespoke, special to type test equipment (STTE) for our customers that meets their exact needs and applications, sometimes working to minimal specifications and with limited knowledge of the classified end application.

A wide range of special test equipment solutions have been provided. From ruggedized, pelicase housed, field test,

GO-NO-GO or fault finding solutions for ground forces and aircraft ground support through to eight-metre-long production line laser ranges with interchangeable product modules to exhaustive test cycles for high performance engine applications, there are so many examples of our bespoke solutions. These solutions have been provided both to new requirements/specifications or have been reverse engineered to overcome obsolescence or to upgrade existing equipment.

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