Product Development

Martech has developed many technologies for its customers that have become market leading niche products.

Sometimes starting with a very loose outline concept, we have worked closely with customers to turn their ideas into polished products. In other cases we have worked to customer’s detailed technical requirement specifications. In a number of instances we only expected to develop prototypes or initial production units but have gone on and continue to manufacture and support these products on behalf of our customer, and in some cases are considered by our customer to be the design authority.

Product development extends to the redesign of existing products to add new features or to extend the life of legacy technologies, enabling our customers to provide the highest level of support to their customers. As part of the design process we also engage in other aspects  key to a product’s success, such as ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, and cost of production – not just engineering.

For our sister company, CodaOctopus Products, we are their primary design and manufacturing partner providing key hardware engineering skills to their in-house development and support teams.  Martech has a close involvement in almost all of  CodaOctopus Products’ portfolio sold worldwide for applications in geophysical and hydrographic survey, harbour security and subsea construction.

CodaOctopus Products' DIU used with Echoscope

DIU212 Sonar Data Acquisition Unit


Chelonia’s C-POD

legacy system redesign

Ships’ Telegraph fitted on HMS Ocean

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