Instrumentation & Control

Working closely with leading aerospace, defence, automotive and sub-sea companies, Martech has designed and manufactured a diverse range of test, measurement and control and instrumentation solutions.

Working with full requirements specifications with full disclosure, or to minimal specifications and with limited knowledge of the classified end application or sometimes even reverse engineering, Martech has a flexible approach and has built up a wealth of experience and expertise in problem solving engineering.

Martech has designed and manufactured custom electronic hardware and mechanical solutions for many leading companies, with applications in industry, aerospace, defence, sub-sea, nuclear, automotive and medical. It has also successfully reverse engineered or redesigned equipment to overcome obsolescence or make improvements, again sometimes with complete documentation and sometimes with minimal information.

Depending on the complexity of the end solution and customer requirements Martech works with a wide range of technologies from in-house micro-controller based hardware to National Instruments LabVIEW solutions, often, a combination of both.

Examples include the redesign and upgrade of control equipment for nuclear power stations, metrology display information and suspension control for military vehicles and the control electronics for QuickDrop™ remote release system for helicopter underslung loads with high immunity to high RF and lightning strikes.

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