QuickDrop Control Hardware

QuickDrop™ from AmSafe® is a helicopter under-slung cargo strop (long-line) that allows cargo loads to be remotely released from the aircraft cabin. This capability enables an aircraft operator to deliver cargo independently of ground-crew. The remote release of cargo from the aircraft facilitates safer cargo delivery, reduces the risk to personnel, and increases operational tempo.

Working closely with Amsafe engineers, Martech designed and developed the control electronics to meet extremely demanding military and aerospace specifications including high intensity radiated fields (HIRF), and indirect lightning strike.

Electronic control interface hardware for Quickdrop

Amsafe Quickdrop

Download PDF: <QuickDrop Brochure>

For more information on QuickDrop, please visit Amsafe’s website <click here> 

To view Amsafe’s press release on the award of  contract from the French DGA <click here>

Images, web-link, press release and datasheet courtesy of Amsafe.
Electronic control interface hardware for QuickdropQuickDrop ECU and Cables

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