Pan & Tilt Unit

Designed & built for our sister Company, CodaOctopus Products, the new P&T unit meets extreme precision requirements with high loads.

Capable of positioning up to 25kg in dynamic environments with high hydrodynamic forces, the P&T delivers up to 94Nm torque and uses low backlash gear boxes and precision encoders for maximum accuracy down to depths of 3000m. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with our sister company, Coda Octopus Products’ real time 3D Echoscope® sonar creating seamless mosaics of subsea scenes.


  • 94Nm peak torque
  • 10° per second
  • ±180° or continuous rotation
  • Programmable hard or soft stops
  • 0.5° or 0.05° backlash options
  • Precision absolute encoder (0.025°)
  • Zero power position holding up to 200Nm
  • 3000m rated option
  • Ethernet & serial interfaces
  • 24vdc, 2.5A per axis (when moving only)
  • Single axis option available.
  • Available rated for 50m, 500m or 3000m
Pan & Tilt in Case

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