Battery Monitor

Originally designed to measure and log the current taken from a non-rechargeable battery pack in a safety-critical application, the intelligent battery monitor allows the remaining capacity to be accurately estimated and can be adapted to work with most battery technologies.

When using expensive, but high performance non-rechargeable battery technology such as LiSOCL2 it is not always easy to track the usage and therefore, the remaining capacity of the batteries can be indeterminable. Whether using rechargeable or non-rechargeable technology, in applications where the remaining capacity is critical, this can result in batteries that have a good capacity being replaced unnecessarily, at great expense, or alternatively running the risk of having insufficient capacity when needed.

Key Features

  • Monitors Volts, Amps and Temperature
  • Calculates used and remaining capacity
  • Output message includes Ah Consumed and Ah remaining
  • Adaptable to any battery type

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