Thermal Printing Technology

Martech have extensive expertise in grey-scale thermal printing. We manufacture two types of continuous printer, Octopus 120+ & 200+, for applications in geophysical survey and military sonar data presentation. We also custom build printers for specialist applications as well as upgrading and repairing most other manufacturers’ models too.

The Octopus 120+ & 200+ have been re-designed to completely update the control and interface electronics. They include 20 inch or 12 inch print formats with a resolution of 8 pixels/mm at up to 256 grey-shades. Interface options include Ethernet and USB as well as fully backward compatibility with legacy interfaces such as centronics (parallel) serial RS232 and three channel analogue with fully independent triggering.

Martech provides full support, maintenance and upgrades for all Octopus branded models as well as most other manufacturers’ models. Please contact us for more information.



120+ 12″ thermal printer

atlas 200 cutout small

200+ 20″ thermal printer

Key Features

  • 12″ & 20″ printing  on to paper & film
  • High resolution, high speed
  • 8 pixels per mm, 256 grey-shades
  • Ethernet, USB, analogue and legacy interfaces
  • Geophysical, Sonar & ASW compatible
  • Custom variants available to order
  • Thermal Paper tested & approved for use with all Octopus, Ultra, Dowty & Waverley printers is available from Martech.

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