3D Sonar

Martech is proud to be closely involved in the productionisation, manufacture and ongoing development of the market leading Echoscope™ 3D Sonar and its associated subsystems.

Designed and supported by our sister company, CodaOctopus Products, Echoscope is one of the most sophisticated imaging sonars in the world and generates high resolution, easily interpreted 3D visualisations of underwater scenes in real-time. (Click here for  more information)

Martech’s input to the Echoscope system includes the design and manufacture of  all peripheral systems, the design of a number of special test fixtures and the provision of consultancy and guidance to the other Echoscope development teams.


Lockheed Martin Marlin AUV with Echoscope

Echoscope is fitted to Lockheed Martin’s Marlin Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
CodaOctopus ProductsEchoscope

Key Features

  • Sonar and Acoustic
  • Design and manufacture
  • Product development
  • Electronic and mechanical
  • Production test equipment

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